"The immigrant experience in Australia must be understood as integral part of the Australian experience."

Migrant Women of Australia (MWoA) is a blog that showcase that seeks to share the stories of migrant women of Australia as creators and business owners. Through their stories, MWoA aims to:

1. Inspire other migrant women of Australia towards financial independence 

2. Empower migrant women of Australia to shatter the glass ceiling

3. Break the stereotypical view of migrant women as illiterate and a burden on Australian welfare system.

We are currently seeking stories of migrant women business owners and creators to feature on MWoA. 

Contact migrantwomenofaustralia@gmail.com if you would like be a part of something amazing!

Founding Story

Hi, I'm Zhimin (pronounced Zee-min), creator of Migrant Women of Australia (MWoA). I'm a copywriter, marketer, and a first-generation Australian migrant.

I was inspired to create Migrant Women of Australia because I was searching for a community of migrant business owners and creators whom I can connect with. While there are many great business groups aimed at empowering women in business with diverse group of members, I have yet to find an Australian group that addresses the immigrant, particularly migrant women experience.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (2016) estimates that there are more than three million overseas-born women in Australia. Migrant women carry the double stigma of gender inequality and as an unwelcomed burden to the welfare system. Words like "oppressed," "illiterate," or worse, "invisible" often come up when it comes to the stereotypes of migrant women.

This cannot be further from the truth, In my journey as a freelance copywriter, marketer and an avid social media consumer, I have come across so many highly articulate entrepreneurs, creators, business owners, activists. Many have agency and design to their life, despite the bias cast in media. 

Therefore with MWoA, I hope to provide a platform and voice for migrant women of Australia by smashing that bias and stereotype of migrant women, empowering migrant women of Australia to fight the self-fulfiling prophecy of migrant. 

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